sreda, 01. oktober 2014

International Black Dog Day Inspired Little Paws*


So did you know that October 1st is the international black dog day? I have a black pug, named Bella Nera "Beja" and we celebrated it. Because I write about her, I will post some pics as well.

My black pug, Bella Nera

Nevertheless, I am Polisholic, so I had to do manicure, that matches description of this day.

I used these products:
Essence - Black Is Back,
Flormar 400,
Essence XXXL Volume Plumping Top Coat,
Dotting tool

And those are some pictures of my little sweet snoring queen of our hearts:

It's a sleeeeeepy situation :)

Beja on the Beach, Alvor - Portugal

How can you resist those sweet eyes?!

And these...

Me and Beja at "Iški Vintgar" - Slovenija

Beja wants to eat, Porto - Portugal


What can I do mooommm?! It's cold ;)

I hope you had a great day with your dogs as well,

2 komentarja:

  1. Maš srčkanega psa! <3
    Pa manikura je tudi krasna. :))

    1. Hvala lepa. Moja Bejki je pa pravi mali biserček <3